His Island Alpha

He might be hopelessly lost at sea, but when Neville looks for love he finds the merman of his dreams.

Reformed addict Neville has clawed his life back from the edge. He’s clean, runs a successful island restaurant and has the respect of the local community. But he’s lonely. Maybe he doesn’t deserve love. Perhaps he’ll never find it.

Cast out by his family, Alpha merman Gill has the world’s oceans open to him. He’s not looking for romance, all he wants is to have a good time and lose his cherry. But when he’s accidentally washed ashore, he finds his tail has disappeared and he has legs now! Stranger yet, a handsome human appears at his side, caring for him. The mutual attraction is instant and the two seem fated to find love together.

Complications ensue when Neville’s dark past catches up with him. And if that's not bad enough, Neville learns the secret Gill has been trying desperately to hide. His lover is a merman. The question is, is Neville’s love strong enough to accept this? And can Gill withstand the siren calls of the ocean, forever beckoning him to return to the sea?

by Rosie Burns